What is ReTrust?

ReTrust is a security software that prevents fraud and creates digital trust
  • Helping secure customer journeys and keep NPS high (Net Promoter Score)
  • Securing loyalty programmes, bonus points and personal information
  • No 2FA or other authentication = seamless journeys without the bother of passwords

ReTrust is an advanced identity and intelligence service, where any.cloud, as the provider of ReTrust, is using IBM Trusteer software to scan and monitor traffic to your application or website. IBM Trusteer intercepts 43 billion sessions every month with the purpose of detecting fraud. With this data, ReTrust keeps people with malicious intent from accessing your website and application and, just as important, your customers’ data. On a site protected by ReTrust site, each transaction – whether fraudulent or not – has a unique ID, so if a hacker decides to make the same move on another site, he won’t get far, because ReTrust has now picked up on, passive biometrics and much more with the help of IBM Trusteer. 

In other words, pleasant user experience and frictionless digital journeys are more important than ever before. And, it is an imperative to keeping you ahead of your competitors. 

Our world is becoming more and more digital, which means that we are facing new obstacles and challenges. We ask ourselves questions such as ‘Is my data protected online?’ and ‘Can someone steal my identity online?’. Therefore, we help solve some of the problems you face as a digital business. IBM Trusteer is developed to protect your true customers and keep fraudsters out using passive biometrics to prevent fraud. 

With ReTrust, you get all the benefits of IBM Trusteer in an as-a-Service model and a highly scalable and adaptable price model.

passive biometrics
How can it improve your website and mobile application?
  • Frictionless customer journeys without authentication
  • Increased cyber security, as fraudsters just can’t scam  
  • Creates and maintains digital trust with true users, for instance using passive biometrics
  • Taps into the database intelligence created by the world’s largest banks
  • Establishes digital trust right from the beginning through reputation scores detected on devices already known
  • Provides live feedback on the risk score through each stage of your application, thereby creating a secure customer journey throughout your session
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