Are you Cyber Safe?

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Introducing: Cyber Safe!

The digital world is a vast one and the increasing rise of cybercrime has no intention of slowing down. Anyone, both individuals and companies, can fall victim to the scams of cyber criminals. There was an increase in cybercrime of 600% during the outbreak of COVID-19, where cyber criminals have taken advantages of uncertain times and remote working with unstable workstations.

‘’Cyber criminals will steal an estimated 33 billion records by 2023’’

We know all of this can seem overwhelming. Therefore, we want to shed some light on the on various cybercrimes out there by creating a safe space to discuss cyber security. In the series ‘Cyber Safe’ we are joined by Security Expert, Christian, who has been working in the IT industry for almost 30 years – mainly focusing on cyber security for the last five years. Together with Christian, the episodes will cover various cybercrime topics in just 5-7 minutes:

In this episode of Cyber Safe, Louise and Christian dive into malware attacks. We get an insight into the potential dangers of malware attacks and we learn what the motivation of the hackers are. Watch the full video to learn more.

In our behavioral biometrics episode, Christian enlightens us on what behavioral biometrics are and we learn how they can be useful for online businesses in a digital world that sees a massive increase in cyber-attacks. Watch the entire episode below.

Get more insight to different cybercrime topic with our Cyber Safe debate videos right here.

It is important to stay updated and educated on current cyber security challenges as the internet’s importance in our daily lives become more vital for us – both in our personal as well as professional lives. With our debate series ‘Cyber Safe’, you’ll get an insight into different topic within cyber-attacks, what they are, how they can be harmful and more importantly how you can avoid it. Staying educated on cybercrime and one step ahead of the hackers, can prevent you from losing significant financial losses.

All of these topics represent a security challenge that companies face every day. However, we can all agree it’s imperative for companies to have a security protocol in place and educate employees on the dangers of cyber-attacks and what to look out for. Check out our blog on different tactics to use when dealing with cybercrime.

In short, we will in the coming years still see a rise in cybercrime and face cyber security challenges. However, these security challenges can be removed with security software like ReTrust. ReTrust is built on advanced IBM Trusteer technology and will protect your customers along with your digital business. 

Remember to look out for new episodes to stay updated on various topics within cyber threats and fraud. In the meantime – stay cyber safe!

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