The importance of securing streaming platforms

Published by Robert Idrizovic on

We’ve all got one, a preferred streaming platform – maybe even several. But what we may not know are all the technical aspects of what’s going on behind the scene. Streaming medias all over the world are trying to stay on top while having a secure platform for their viewers. However, this has proven to be quite difficult. Now be honest – have you ever shared your Netflix account or HBO with your bestie? Yep! We all have. And that is exactly the problem.

Compliance, always a buzzword, but especially here is where the streaming platforms must ensure the right users get access to the right accounts to secure both personal data and account information, and thereby make sure the information does not end up in the wrong hands. The same thing goes for password sharing, which has become the biggest pain point for streaming services. What happens when customers are sharing accounts with friends and family? The service provider loses money every time a borrowed account is used, but it also increases the access for fraudsters, as they can steal accounts undetected, and because there is so much account sharing to begin with, it’s difficult to separate the fraudulent sessions from the law-abiding ones. 

ReTrust can help streaming platforms make sure the true users are, in fact, the ones using the accounts and not non-paying users who borrowed the user login to the platform from someone else.

ReTrust has a high level of accuracy in location detection and monitors the geolocation of the device, and that is how the security of the platform increases, because one person can’t use their account in the US and then 1 hour later use it in France. The accuracy of geolocation will make sure that VPNs or similar ways of hiding a user’s location can’t be used. And that is one of the ways in which streaming media can make sure that their services are only used by their true users. 

And the best is yet to come: ReTrust provides a frictionless experience. A customer’s loyalty can depend on the user experience of the streaming platform, meaning you have to make sure that your platform is secure, but not bother your customers with too much security. Too much security can cause friction to the customer journey and, in the end, to the loyalty of your customer.

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