Imagine a digital world with no friction

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Imagine logging into your bank application, your favourite web shop or even your go-to streaming platform without having to log in with too many MFA, 2FA, tokens or key generators. Aren’t they becoming such a bother? Too many multi-factor authenticators irritate many of us and sometimes, it becomes so annoying that you even start to think about using another platform, hoping to avoid them by trying out an alternative. 

Multi-factor authenticators are sometimes the reason why a lot of platforms or brands lose the loyalty of their customers, because it creates friction with extra clicks or decreases the user experience, because the login process feels like it takes forever to log in (No, I’m NOT a robot!).

But how is that even possible?  

A frictionless experience, that’s how! ReTrust creates a frictionless experience, because it builds risk and trust scores to improve your customer experience. With a trust score, we get to ‘know’ your existing customers, meaning that the AI will make a profile of their behaviour and their patterns. Over time, we will be able to recognise your customers which, in return, will give them an easy login process, not bothering them too much with unnecessary 2FA procedures, etc. This also creates less friction and gives your app/website a competitive edge.

When a new customer comes to your website, ReTrust builds a risk score instead of the above-mentioned trust score. The AI will draw on 120+ known identifiers, such as global device ID, network, user attributes, language, geolocation, behavioural biometrics and even a global database of fraudsters. All these factors are taken into account and a risk score between 0 and1000 is built, making sure that when the risk score reaches a certain point and you, as the owner of the website, are no longer comfortable with allowing the fraudster further onto your site, ReTrust can help you divert or even get the fraudster entirely off your website. 

The service consists of an intelligence database being fed by 50+ billion web sessions per month. And rest assured that we will very likely identify the bad guy over the good guy anyday.

ReTrust presents a technology that takes away the security issue from the end-user and anchors it with a technology provider, who is qualified to handle security on a massive scale and use AI to better it.

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