Remote access trojan and the other takeovers you (almost) don’t see

Published by Gregor Frimodt-Møller on

Have you ever heard about Remote Access Trojan (RAT) or Remote Access Tool? Sometimes, it is referred to as backdoor access. This backdoor is an application, which allows someone to remote access your computer. This is done without you knowing about it, and malware can be installed with the intent to steal or destroy files. In many cases, money and accounts being wiped out is also an objective. 

It can be done in a number of ways. One is where the backdoor is open to the hacker, allowing him or her to send files to the infected computer and send these documents to the hacker’s computer. The data theft is accompanied by key-logging and screen-grabbing, which the hacker uses to spy and ultimately steal.

Another way is someone getting access to your computer, which is equal to the remote access trojan in the session hijacking. This is done with the same objective as the previously described method, but your session is being hijacked without you knowing it. 

All signs that your session has been hijacked may be invisible to the eye, but what is happening, is that you are logging on a different site than you are expecting – giving the fraudster your login info and more. Let’s say you are visiting your bank, and the hacker puts a layover of what looks like your bank on your screen. As soon as you have given all your login information, the hacker will start emptying your accounts on the real site, while you are stuck in limbo.

So, we’ve given you some scary examples of takeovers, but don’t you worry! We also have the solution – the solution for businesses, at least, thereby giving them the option to protect their customers. If you are a bank or have problems with this happening on the website you own, you need ReTrust.

ReTrust will know that a session is fraudulent. If it meets any of the two above-mentioned examples, ReTrust will make sure you and your customers’ data/money or files are not compromised. It is done by scoring all active sessions, so if you are the victim of the second kind of crime, ReTrust would know (based on AI and machine learning) that something went wrong in the session: A spike in the scoring as mouse patterns are no longer the same, another IP address is showing or your session is suddenly originating in another country. The session is blocked, shut down – all before any risk occurs for your trusted customers. ReTrust lets you maintain trust with existing customers, and, as described, keep fraudulent and malicious activity out. 

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