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Our cyber security technology, ReTrust, does not solve all problems, but boy, it will get you a long way! What can ReTrust do for you as your cyber security technology? When having installed our JavaScript, you won’t have to worry about:

  • Your customers being defrauded on your website/app
  • Your brand being discredited due to fraud on your digital platforms
  • Losing earnings due to fraudulent activities on an app/website.

With cyber security technology, you make sure that your weakest link (your customers) is safe. That they are not being defrauded or have their sessions taken over when on your platform. No one wants that associated with their brand, so if this happens to your customers or you are losing revenue because of digital fraud on your online platforms, keep reading.

Having cyber security technology in your corner comes at a cost, but the cost of the service offers you brand integrity, secure customers and no money down the drain. And who knows? Maybe the price of ReTrust is a lot less than what you are currently being defrauded for? Our pricing of the otherwise expensive IBM software is simple in an as-a-Service model. You pay for the sessions and for the platforms the scripts are installed on – both on a monthly basis. 

What will happen in practice if I use ReTrust?

You will eliminate fraud such as account takeovers, session takeovers and new account fraud, amongst others, because ReTrust uses AI and machine learning to establish:

  • If it is a human or a bot
  • If there is authentic information such as phone and email
  • If there are any registered malicious patterns
  • If there is a proxy
  • If there is known user behaviour present.

Calculating all of this in real-time, ReTrust can verify your customers and make sure they are on your site/app in good faith. This helps your business and your current and new customers. 

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