How to stop cyber crime

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The rise during recent years in cyber crime has made people think about how to stop cyber crime and how to prevent possible attacks. For businesses, the true question is this: “Do you know your digital customers?” Our ReTrust platform is designed to help companies create digital trust during all stages of their digital journey without interfering with the customer experience.

We believe digital trust is the key and the way to stop cyber crime. In other words, creating trust with anonymous users, establishing trust with new customers, and sustaining trust with existing customers. This will help you maintain your revenue and keep fraudsters out of your website and apps.

Cyber crime happens to both individuals and companies, and the attacks are not all that different in nature. Individuals are exposed to identity theft, credit card theft, phishing and ransomware/malware attacks, whereas companies are hit by DDOS, CEO fraud and targeted attacks – as well as being affected by mal- and ransomware.

Companies and the impact of cyber crime

In 2017, where WannaCry hit the entire world, many businesses were hit as well, and malware is proving to be one of the most expensive attacks a company can be exposed to. FedEx, Honda, O2, Renault and many more have confirmed they were affected by the 2017 attack.

Today, a lot of companies have discovered the impact it can have on a business. How companies protect themselves is important, but what matters just as much is how they protect their customers. A trend on the rise is new account fraud, where a fake or stolen identity is used to commit fraud, harming not only a company’s reputation, but also the individuals who have had their identities stolen.

How to stop cyber crime with ReTrust

ReTrust gives you a continuous digital identity assurance. Moreover, it is scalable to any company size. Its agile cloud platform increases efficiency, and the service is built with advanced AI and machine learning capabilities, allowing you to only let in true customers and keep people in bad faith out. So, a stolen or fake identity could not be used on a website or an app with ReTrust.

If you have ever had fraudulent activity on your site/app, or if it is a growing problem, why not solve it with the best IBM software in the world? And if you want to secure your customers and your company’s reputation, ReTrust is the service for you.

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