Insurance companies can protect customers against fraud and abuse

Published by Benjamin Elveng on

We know that insurance companies are facing security friction that creates abandonment during login, step-up authentication and new registration. We want to help, because our end-goal is to eliminate fraud and increase digital trust in the online world of today. 

For insurance companies, taking their business to the next level often means having an online portal/application, where users have access to insurance policies, investments and personal information. Because banks have improved how they protect their customers’ assets, fraudsters are now looking to insurance companies. The main objectives for these criminals are to do account takeovers and create a new policy – both to defraud customers. These types of fraud are all too common in the insurance industry and will eventually lead to a negative brand reputation due to underprotected digital interaction, and maybe even to loss of customers, when the trust is gone and people take their insurance elsewhere. There is a simple solution to your problems: ReTrust.

Protect your insurance customers with ReTrust

With ReTrust, you’ll be able to create digital trust and only let identified customers access their insurance policies and account. Moreover, you’ll avoid new policy or account creation, as ReTrust screens all steps throughout the session to avoid fraud. Built on IBM Trusteer, the software combines device intelligence, analytics, browser intelligence, passive biometrics and threat intelligence to let true users through to the services they need, and detects fraudsters. 

Until now, the costs of implementing a digital identity trust solution have been a challenge for many insurance companies, but ReTrust offers the full solution through an as-a-Service model that is very cost-efficient. Our cooperation with IBM has made it possible for us to work out a new pricing model, so we offer ReTrust as a service, which means we will make sure the software is running and set it up correctly. This is a win for you, because it means that you can create digital trust easily just by including ReTrust in your security setup – easier and more secure than ever before.

ReTrust is an offering powered by IBM and delivered by You are welcome to contact us at, and we are online Monday through Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. CET to help you with any questions you may have. 

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