AI can teach you what digital threats look like

Published by Gregor Frimodt-Møller on

Did you know that the average cost of a data breach is worth 3.86 million dollars*
Source: “2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study: Global Overview,” Ponemon Institute, July 2018

A hacker: Someone sitting alone somewhere attacking a system. This was how a hacker was perceived and, for some, this may still be what they envision. But what we are dealing with are highly effective, intelligent and organised cybercriminals.

There are two short fails of cyber security. The first one is that the traditional security systems are built up by rules. The problem with this is that the threats we are facing in the digital world are so intelligent and can easily outmaneuver a traditional security system.

The second problem for a traditional security system is that it is unable to scale and detect threats intelligently enough. Organisations have become so complex when it comes to both old and new technology, and connections and applications even travel across borders. A traditional security system does not have the capacity to keep up with how fast organisations are changing.

The advantages of AI in security systems

Introducing AI and an intelligent security system will secure your business from current and future digital threats. An intelligent system detects what is good and what is bad by learning not only from you, but from what the rest of the world is picking up as well. Implementing AI and advanced machine learning analytics teach the intelligent security system what a digital threat looks like. With ReTrust, this detection of fraud happens instantly and keeps fraudsters out at the same time. This is possible, because ReTrust, built on IBM Trusteer, detects fraud based on a number of factors: Behavioural biometrics, location, device ID and more. That means the system is constantly learning.

Traditional vs AI

A traditional security system built up by rules is programmed to detect fraud and cannot be trained to detect intelligent cyber crime. This system is often linked with an employee, who is hired as a security defender. An actual human being. The security system notifies the defender about e.g. 10 possible threats, and human beings can only use their years of training and are limited by their own intelligence and experience when it comes to deciding whether something is a threat or not.

What if we broke down the walls of limitations, setting our intelligence free to learn and constantly adapt over time and, while doing so, getting the intelligence generated by the rest of the world too? This is what ReTrust can do for your business. With ReTrust, the built-in AI machine learning combined with the global databases of intelligence learns a lot faster than a human being and it happens 24/7. This gives you the instant insights gathered around the world keeping known and new fraudsters out. ReTrust identifies threats around the clock, and in that way, ReTrust becomes your trusted advisor for security that you can rely on – making sure you, as a human being, can sleep tight at night.

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