How to maintain digital trust in a world of cyber crime

Published by Benjamin Elveng on

According to 2018 Identity Fraud report from Javelin Strategy and Research, in 2017, there were 16.7 million victims of identity fraud – an all-time high that topped the previous record from the year before. The amount stolen just through identity theft hit $16.8 billion last year alone! According to the Javelin study, account takeovers tripled in 2017, reaching a 2 digit billion dollar business for fraudsters. Cyber crime in total will reach at least $1.5 trillion in 2018, making it more likely than ever and building the interest for internet fraud in a pace never seen before. The multi-layered cybercrime economy has also begun to suggest a fundamental shift in the very nature of crime itself, as it is becomingincreasingly low-investment, high-profit and low-risk. It is estimated that cybercriminals are making as much as $2.000.000 annually with a low-risk profile just by stealing information and identities. 

Cyber crime has been on a rise, almost, since the introduction of the term. We refer to it in terms such as cyber crime, hackers, online fraud, cyberattacks and, in some cases, even cyber warfare. In the United Kingdom, online fraud reached £1.1 billion reported in the court system, as recorded by accountants KPMG. And cybercrime and online fraud are even claimed to be the most common types of fraud in the United Kingdom.

Having to protect your business and customers from cyber crime is becoming a part of everyday life. That is why we have decided to take a large-scale IBM product and break it down, so all businesses in all shapes and sizes can be protected from fraudsters and other persons with malicious intent. 

This is how Interpol describes the rise in cybercrime: “Cyberattacks know no borders and evolve at a fast pace while the Internet also facilitates a range of more traditional crimes.” This means we have to evolve too, to keep up with what is going on in the world wide web sphere. IBM has the biggest and most sophisticated digital trust product in the world with their product IBM Trusteer to prevent such attacks, and has sustained a leader/MQ position when it comes to cyber security. With this dedication, IBM has 43 billion (and that number is still growing) sessions every month scanned, and on the basis of AI analysing the data, helps prevent fraud in many sectors, businesses and countries all over the world.

Your business and your customers can get this technology from IBM using ReTrust and even tap into the gathered intelligence. ReTrust is delivered by, which has a yearlong partnership with IBM. In 2019, IBM and launched ReTrust together an as-a-Service model of IBM’s Trusteer, with thereby becoming the only as-a-Service provider of Trusteer in the world. 

The reason for this partnership is the scalable model in which can deliver the IBM product. is a multi cloud service provider with more than 21 years of experience, making the perfect fit for distributing this to their customers, and the Danish owned international service provider has offices in Copenhagen, Warsaw and Prague and customers in more than 30 countries. 

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