Reasons for choosing ReTrust

IBM technology and PSD2 compliant

With IBM technology you will get a PSD2 compliant digital trust & identity solution service including behavioural biometrics, giving you the only solution that can show and rate the full picture.

Creating digital trust

You get rid of digital fraud and create digital trust with your customers, which is how you can maintain your Net Promoter Score, comply with PSD2 regulations and keep your customers satisfied.

Fixed monthly price

A set price based on how many applications and sessions you have. Low or no initial startup costs for implementing ReTrust to protect your company. And that’s it – no hidden costs.

Protect your customers and your digital business

How are you going to protect your business in a world of digital threats? And just as important, how will you keep your customers safe? There’s more to protecting your business in a digital world than meets the eye.

With ReTrust built on IBM Trusteer you can create digital trust with your customers, new customers and keep fraudsters out.

Customers on digital platforms expect a seamless digital journey, whether they’re making a purchase, signing up for a new account or service or simply updating their contact information. Organisations need to deliver a frictionless experience for their true customers, while keeping malicious activity out. Using ReTrust  you’ll be able to establish, maintain and sustain digital trust with your customers. Moreover, the agile cloud platform is built with advanced AI and machine learning capabilities, giving your company and your customers a secure digital journey.

To prevent fraud, IBM Trusteer relies on 43 billion sessions each month to detect and identify true customers and fraudsters. The software is able to take device, user, activity, behavioural biometrics and other patterns into account, leaving your customers protected. When IBM Trusteer detects risk, you get to decide how you want to handle fraudsters trying to impersonate your true customers, compromise accounts or steal payment information or even personal data.

Delivered by, powered by IBM

ReTrust is powered by IBM Trusteer and delivered by – as the only service provider in the world, giving you full access to the only IBM Trusteer product in a highly cost-effective as-a-Service model. Most important, lets you focus on your business and your true customers and lets the platform detect and keep malicious fraudsters out. In conclusion, you’ll be able to create and maintain digital trust.

Protect your customers and build digital trust with ReTrust!


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